Cookie Monster Learns to His Chagrin that Cookies Are a Sometimes Food


Blue Blood’s Amelia G wrote a humorously poignant ode to Cookie Monster for She included some great barroom bet winner trivia and a surprisingly true expose of Sesame Street’s recent partnering with a health food company. For those of you who do not follow specialized pop culture trends with as much diligence as I do, Sesame Street recently made the decision to make Cookie Monster cut down on his cookie consumption and – I hesitate to say this – teach kids how to toss a salad with Cookie Monster.

As unusual as the subject matter is, this Cookie Monster article is one of the best pieces of writing we’ve seen from Amelia G in a long time. Her voice is so fresh and inspiring when she is passionate about her subject matter. I wish she would get back to writing fiction or accept the hook-up to write for television. Television writing is not nearly as soul-draining as many authors suspect and the paychecks are a bit of all right.

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