I Am Iris is a Witch


i_am_iris witch halloween cam Although I am a pop culture junkie, so I love all the Star Wars and Star Trek and DC and Marvel and anime costumes, it is nice to see the classics. Tonight, cam girl I Am Iris is just a simple classically Halloween pretty witch. She has the tall conical black hat and the cute goth dress with tattered black skirt. I Am Iris can dance like the provocative witchy woman she is too. For SexyFandom readers, you have to love that Iris has specific desires for the perfect date and they involve gaming and a Lord of the Rings marathon. Plus she has a Mario Brothers-inspired tattoo.

i_am_iris witch halloween cam dancing

About Me
Name: I_Am_Iris
CamScore: 5313.4
Gender: Female
Age: 78
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Tags: tattoo, alternative, geek, dork, iris, gamer, emo, punk, piercing, rock
Interests & Hobbies
Favorite Songs: I LOVE music. Almost everything, especially if it’s live. Right now, I’ve been on a strange kick and listening to Journey, AFI, Nirvana, and A Day to Remember.
My all-time favorite band is The Used. 🙂
Favorite Movies:
V for Vendetta
Girl Next Door
Finding Nemo
I Love You Man ANYTHING with Robin Williams or Bruce Willis
Perfect Mate: Someone who can enjoy playing video games or watching a Lord of the Rings marathon with me. Someone who can make me laugh.
Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I’m a geek, and I like to laugh at just how dorky I am sometimes. I love playing video games (oldschool and newer stuff). Yes, I have a Mario tattoo, lol.
I love entertaining the thought of supernatural/mythical creatures. My favorites: zombies and vampires (but not stupid sparkly ones). I could lecture all day
about the way movies have ruined the reputation for both species. lol. To summarize? Romero had it right; zombies can not run! And vampires are
meant to sleep during the day! Haha, ok, guess I’ll get off my soapbox now.


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