Arrow – An Innocent Man


On this very special Halloween episode of Arrow, Ollie dresses up like a masked vigilante. No, wait. That’s his night job.

This week, Ollie continues to bring down The List, one evil guy at a time. An innocent man is framed for his wife’s murder to cover up toxic sludge dumpings and Ollie tries to exonerate him with Laurel’s help. Ollie tries to enlist his now ex-bodyguard to help the cause, major shout out to writer Andy Diggle there. Diggle doesn’t want anything to do with him, but will probably come around sooner rather than later.

Spunky IT Girl shows up again when New StepDad grows suspicious about some missing money from the books and has her look into it. Oh noz! Mama Queen is totally corrupt too! Of course she is, queen bitches are always the best.

Ollie uses interrogation by train to learn the truth about the innocent man. Yada, yada, yada, there’s a prison riot, Ollie tries to protect Laurel but it backfires cuz Arrow ain’t afraid to cut a bitch and that scares Laurel. Come on now, you gotta spill a little blood sooner or later, right?

ENTER NERD RANT My husband assures me that Iron Heights Penitentiary is NOT in Star City, but Keystone City, which is the midwest. Why are you making these mistakes CW writers!? There’s this thing called Wikipedia!

Oh, what’s this!? Captain Jack appears as Serious Man Who Knows About The List!? Well this is good, he’s definitely going to be some kind of recurring character and probably not a good guy. I hope he plays some kind of sociopath mastermind because he usually plays the big, dreamy hero. And takes his shirt off. Swoooooooon.

Shirtless torso count:Just the one. Sad for the ladies


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