Arrow – Time of Death


That one character actor from “Carnivale” and “The Cult” and I think “The Cape” too, and numerous other shows orchestrates some kind of heist for a Kord suitcase full of USEFUL TECHNOLOGY. Oh it’s a nifty gadget that will open banks? SURE! Maybe it’s just me, but that actor is always the scumbag in everything and I’m kind of tired of seeing him. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s a working actor and all, but there have to be other people who can play the villains, right?

Anyway, Heisty McGee, I mean Clock King, and his minions break into a bank, and there’s a chase and a bus and a train, and I don’t know. Some cockamamie that I couldn’t really follow. BUT Sarah THROWS her stick at Heisty and whacks him in the skull, that was a nice move.

Ollie throws Sarah a welcome home party while Moira throws shade at Ollie. Laurel is a no show so Dresden later guilts her into having a family dinner. Ollie tags along to said dinner and it gets super awkward when Sweetie Darling Mommy Dearest reveals she’s seeing someone and shoots down Dresden. Laurel sees Sarah and Ollie making goggly eyes and TOTALLY FLIPS HER SHIT. I don’t blame her on that one. Her sister is pretty shitty when it comes to the boyfriend stealing department. Ollie gives Laurel an epic flounder to the face pep talk which she can’t argue with because he’s totally right. The sisters have a metaphor riddled heart to heart and all is right with the world.

Felicity is growing increasingly jealous of Sarah and the attention Ollie is giving her now that Boobs McGee is on the squad. I feel ya, Felicity, but there’s room for two blondes on that team. Mumbo jumbo hacker crap and Clock King blows up all the computers in their lair. I find this whole episode a tad convoluted.

The Dream Team leaves some bait for the Clock King and yada yada. Godamnit Felicity got shot! NOOOO. Oh, it’s a shoulder through and through, she’s fine. And not wearing a shirt while she gets stitched up by Sarah! Now she’ll have a scar for Show and Tell!

On the Lost island there’s a plane! A plane! Flag it down, you guys! Yeah, use a rocket to get it’s attention! Oh, oops, the plane dun blowed up. The pilot is still alive so Ollie and Slade take off to get their medical equipment while Sarah stays behind. The pilot tells Sarah about his kid who will be orphaned if/when he dies and ask her to look after the kid for him. Turns out it’s none other than Cyn. Okay, cool and all but why did that need an explanation?

OH. SNAP. Moira’s having a meeting at the house with none other than Slade “One Eye” Wilson. The shit. It is about to get real.

Arrow Time of Death

Arrow Time of Death


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