Noble Female Cosplay


She’s very noble alright. If you know what I mean of her being “noble”. Anyway we have today a Queen’s blade Cosplay and who would even hate a Queen’s Blade Cosplay? With all those sexy and flesh cosplay, would you still even complain? Doing a Queen’s blade cosplay is hard alright that’s why our cosplayer today is very Noble to do it.

o5d32546_edit_x2_by_windofthestars-d77yy8xLeins or Reina Vance is the main protagonist of the Anime series and is also the middle daughter of the Vance family and the heir to the Count’s throne. She runs away from home to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a warrior and make her own way in the world in hopes of becoming a stronger warrior by entering the Queen’s Blade Tournament.

Our cosplayer for today is WindoftheStars. WindoftheStars or real name, Mel has been cosplaying for almost 10 years already and has build herself a position, image and respect in the cosplay industry. She have created over 80 elaborate costumes, for herself and (surprisingly) for others which originates from movies, video games, comics, anime, manga and from her very own creative mind. Many of her costumes have received prestigious awards and have been featured in print and online publications around the world, and like what I said earlier, she earned her position in the cosplay industry thus she’s been constantly invited as a Guest of Honor, Judge, Booth Model and Panelist at conventions. Her current hobby lead her to become a professional tailor, seamstress at the top tier alterations shop in Northern Nevada.

What surprises me most about this cosplay how courageous of them (and also professional) to do a Queen’s Blade cosplay. I mean doing a Queen’s Blade cosplay is a very daring task which involves a lot of skins and care, well nevermind of that, they’re professional cosplayers anyways so maybe they didn’t mind. Going back regarding the cosplay, I really love how they made the actual weapon and shield which is usually the second main point for this kind of cosplay, credits to , Iceman Props for being able to make such refined weaponries.

Bringing characters to life one stitch at a time. That has been WindoftheStar’s own slogan in life which lead her to where she is now, known to the cosplay world and tailoring industry. Let’s keep supporting and encouraging her in each and every cosplay she makes to further motivate her in creating and more elaborate cosplay by following her on Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt and Tumblr. If you’re more than satisfied on the cosplay she made let’s also support her by purchasing her merchandises in her Website.. Let’s also support her Photographer, Andro Ho for the very refined Photos, let’s also follow him on Twitter


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