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On tonight’s Shirtless Superheroes, Ollie gives us a rundown on a baddie as he does crazy pull-up things while Felicity drools. You can’t blame a girl, those abs would give any laundry a good scrubbing. The thing is, when Ollie gets to the bad guy’s house, he’s gone and the place is wrecked.

Speedy and Speedy make out and argue and are generally boring. Ahahaha, he just got taken out like a bitch. You know, for the tough game he talks and how the Glades are so dog eat dog, his lunch just got eaten. Roy doesn’t seem like a viable target for this jerk, sure he’s low level scum, but low level. As far as we know he’s just stolen some stuff, dealt some drugs? Meh.

The search for Laurel’s sister continues with some awkward family time that makes Laurel run for the hills. China found your sister! How helpful! Maybe they won’t want all the money they’ve loaned us back now? Maybe the chick in the pic is here, maybe it’s not. Yada yada. And then everyone cries and looks really ugly. They should have a cry off with Sookie. That is a game no one wins.

There appears to be a Glades vigilante and Ollie can’t stand when bad guys actually get kill other bad guys so he has to swoop in and not save the day, cuz he went to the wrong place. Parkour looks so easy when it’s a stunt man. Don’t try it at home kids. Srsly, don’t.

On Lost island, Ollie and Deathstroke blackmail the mercenaries for a boat to get off the island, but things get complicated. The mercenaries threaten Yao Fei’s daughter and then there is lots of shooting and running. If she can fight so well, why hasn’t she done so before now?

Oh Moira, you cold bitch. Who didn’t see that coming tho? IF they could just show the first and last 5 minutes and then condense the middle, this show would be better. Forget about it, Ollie, it’s the Glades.


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