Mists of Pandaria WoW Expansion


I haven’t played WoW in a while. The reasons are numerous but mostly I couldn’t find a guild to join that could actually beat Arthas. Holy crap it is so annoying to spend weeks and weeks fighting through the different wings and bosses just leading up to him. And then to totally whiff on THE boss is just so frustrating. When you reach the level cap there really isn’t anything else to do besides heroic dungeons, gear up your character (which is somewhat pointless unless you’re running ALL the heroics because as soon as a new expansion comes out, new, better weapons are immediately available), or level up another character.

The latest expansion, “Mists of Pandaria” is currently in beta, with a vague release date of sometime this year. This means they are rolling out a new race, a new character class, zones, dungeons and a new PET BATTLE SYSTEM. WHAT!? So it’s like Pokemon but with my pig pet Scrapple!?

Why one of the panda’s racial abillities allows you to take 50% less falling damage is beyond me. Pandas are fricking fat! I know because of physics (SCIENCE!) that they don’t actually fall faster than say, a skinny ass dark elf, but less falling damage? Do they get a parachute? Cuz that would be a funny sight. Start thinking of your panda pun names now cuz they’ll go fast!

Mists of Pandaria


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