Hotheaded Naked Ice Borers Do Anything for a Dollar


The Museum of Hoaxes has a listing of the top 100 April Fools Day pranks. Included are the BBC convincing people that spaghetti grows on trees in Switzerland or Discover Magazine describing the new hotheaded naked ice borer species in Antarctica which could bore through ice using the heat of the blood vessels near the bony plate in its head.

It is pretty common for people to forget it is April first and believe various peculiar stories printed by their favorite, usually accurate publications. So I’m only amused and not disturbed that so many of you believed that Sexy Fandom was acquired by The Science Fiction Channel. I’m a little disappointed, however, by how many people wrote and told me essentially to stay strong against any sell-out criticisms because, no matter how much the blog got sucky, the important thing was that I was making a lot of money.

While I’m touched by your concern for my finances, I already make a lot of money. I do this blog for fun. I’m a TV writer, so obviously I’m for sale on some level, but it would take a whole lot of money for me to sell. This is supposed to be my venue to explore things I couldn’t normally. So, while I’m not wholly closed to being showered with cash, I would hope my readers would care if the character of changed. Money is nice, but it is not an excuse for bad behavior. If it were, then we wouldn’t have laws to put bank robbers in prison.


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