Brad Pitt Bad Boy of Troy Naked in Playgirl


I notice that my previous post about Brad Pitt aka Achilles aka the bad boy of Troy is being found on a whole lot of searches for Brad Pitt Naked. I guess this means you all would really like to find you some naked Brad Pitt. So I’d like to oblige. In my perfect universe, there would be naked photos of brave Achilles fully erect and done with the assistance of someone of the caliber of Roger Pratt, Troy’s oscar-nominated cinematographer. Unfortunately, the only ones I’ve seen are those which were shot by a papparazzi in the West Indies when Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow were vacationing there in 1995. Pitt brought legal action against Playgirl when it tried to publish ten nude shots of him in its August 1997 issue. I was able to find two of them scanned in on the web on the Travel Gayzette. Who knows how long they will stay up now that I’ve linked them. Apparently, sexy Brad won a partial recall of the offending issue of Playgirl, but Playgirl’s defense that the photos had already run in European tabloids in ’95 apparently held some water with the judge. I’m not wholly sure what the point of a partial recall is. If the magazine had to cease distribution of the issue but did not have to pull copies already on the newsstand, it seems like a decade or so later, it might be possible to find nude photos of the actor on the web. Apparently collectors would like to sell you a copy of this rare back issue for $40 to $75 a pop too. Someone let me know if any of these magazine sellers are legit. Or send me a link if you know where to find more pix. Did I mention how good I thought Brad Pitt was in Troy? And how hot? Good. I thought I might have said something about that before.

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