Sensual Liberation Army


sensuallib drmenloSensual Liberation Army has done a bit of a redesign. They are still working on the details. (I know how that is. I am still trying to get the header on this blog right, after around two months.) The site’s slogan is “See Some Nudes / Save the World!” and you can still find natural girls there, with the sense that the images are posted by someone with a good sense of ethics.

Here is the really cool part. There are a lot of people on the internet, who like to look at naked girls, and would love to bend your ear about how they are so very ethical, not like those other guys, baby. These are too often the same people who pretend a woman is running their male-owned business, the same people who will mess with the billing on their site so none of their affiliates gets paid, and the same people who never honor their link exchanges. So it is with great pleasure that I note that Dr. Menlo of Sensual Liberation Army has taken such care in preserving his links list. Because the site is going over to a WordPress format, they have a lot of work to do to convert everything, so there is a note above the links saying, “Until our old links are added manually into WordPress, we’ll just put ‘em here so you know we didn’t forget ya. Happy surfin’!” So, not only is Dr. Menlo being sure to preserve the links, but he is going the extra mile to make sure there is no down time when they are not there. All those guys trying to impress people with what good guys they are should take note that this is how an actual good guy comports himself. Sensual Liberation Army is the real deal.

I should add that, like all good blogs, Sensual Liberation Army has a curated link list. This means that the links are chose for a specific editorial viewpoint and not just because they have the same owner or friends or something. Anyway, kudos to Dr. Menlo and Sensual Liberation Army and everyone go check them out.


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