Tentacles of the Deep


tentacle girl pic by daniel angelesI admit that I don’t really understand the JPG magazine concept. It is sort of a contest or portfolio or something like that. Something about their interface makes it confusing for me to browse or maybe I just don’t philosophically get it. Sometimes people send me cool tips and I got in a link for a JPG mag tentacle art roundup this week. My favorite shot in the list is by a photographer named Daniel Angeles.

If you have shot interesting squid or octopus or fantastical beast tentacular pics, you might want to join JPG and share them with like-minded photographers and photography fans.

If you clicked on a link which said “Tentacles of the Deep” hoping for girls with big eyes and small mouths being violated hentai-style, you can just head over to the new Animated Kink site.

The squid and the octopus, in ancient times, were referred as the monstrous creatures of the deep abyss. So big in size, these monsters could capsize traveling ships, killing or leaving sailors clinging to the floating boards left over from their sunken vessels. We’ve wandered the vast sea of JPG photo submissions and found great images of tentacles that our users submitted telling the tales of these fascinating creatures.

These tentacled ‘beasts’ may not be as enigmatic as they once were, but they possess a certain quality that fascinates beyond Japanese folk-lore or Steampunk fashions. Please share with us your favorite images of the squid or octopus by uploading them to the site and dropping the links in the comments below. Or, if you stumble upon a few browsing the millions of fine JPG member photographs, create a collection and post the link below in the comment area.

Can’t wait to see what you share!


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