The Device is for Communications within the Mouth


dana dark kissable lipsThe blogsphere lit up today because Diginfo TV released a video on the kiss transmission device from Kajimoto Laboratory. Kajimoto Laboratory is working on a number of products intended to, as they put it, “hack human function [and] enrich human culture by interface design”. What could be more enriching than being able to send a kiss to someone far away, without leaving the comfort of your own home. Or favorite coffeehouse. Or parents’ home. The Diginfo TV video is interesting, but not especially hot. I assume the demo presenter is a scientist and he suggests that recordings of celebrity kisses on the device would be popular. I’m thinking they might want to spend a little bit of their grant money on getting some videos of some really kissable lips using their machine interface. For example, my thumbnail here features Dana Dark’s delicious lips from


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