Inventive Marge Simpson Cosplay by stephany719

In her Marge Simpson cosplay, stephany719 uses her crafty roots to make an economical blue “wig” instead of paying a pretty penny on actual or synthetic hair. This crocheted tall blue wig looks just as great as Marge’s hair does in The Simpsons, and the show’s cartoon animation has the added advantage of failing to distinguish between hair strands, which leaves even more room for creativity in adhering to canon. The green strapless dress (also crocheted by stephany719!) and red necklace add even more authenticity to the costume, and the smile is true to Marge’s often-chipper attitude.


I crocheted myself a Marge Simpson costume – both the hat and dress. I paired them with a string of red beads and my red flats to complete the look. I was really pleased with the outcome!

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