Yaya Han invaded by the Skrulls


Let’s go for something different. It’s common to see cosplay of famous heroes and villains. Heroes like Black Cannary, Storm, Captain America, Black Widow and Villains that you can’t resist to love despite all their evil deeds like Loki, Black Cat, Harleyquin and many more. That’s why most cosplayer target those cosplay for the simple reason of loving it. I can’t argue with that since that’s what cosplay is all about, being someone who can be compared to your favourite superhero, villain or idol and to feel like a real hero or villain by wearing their cape. But you’ll still see those cosplay that goes way out of the ordinary like this Skrull Storm cosplay.

storm-web_600_904_sIf you’re a marvel fan, you’ll know the Skrull Invasion where a group of Alien Race who can transform into almost anyone they copy even their abilities and this is because of their very advance technology. The Skrulls are a breed of green-skinned humanoids from the Andromeda Galaxy. They are a fierce warrior race who carved for themselves the oldest interstellar empire in the universe’s history. They capture people and even superhero and villain in Earth then copy their physical appearance and even their abilities and one of the hero they captured is Storm or most commonly known as Skrull Storm

The girl today is Yaya Han. She is a costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer with over a decade of experience. After discovering cosplay at Anime Expo in 1999, she quickly absorbed the heart and soul of costume design and creation. To this day Yaya has made close to 300 costumes in the genres of anime/manga, comic books, video games, sci-fi and her own original designs.

I like how the costume was made to exactly match the original Storm but I love the way she did about the body paint specially on those private parts lol. Jamie Leodones sculpted the chin and ear prosthetics from Yaya Han’s headcast and applied the makeup. While Yaya Han made the costume from scratch, using the same stretchy pleather as Batgirl, and peach skin for the cape. She also wore blind contacts.

Yaya Han is an exceptional cosplayer with a great talent for both modelling and tailoring her costumes let’s at least support her by following her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube Channel and DeviantArt. Let’s also support her photographer Kamui Cosplay


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