Angie Griffin as Hot Mama Marge Simpson!


The Simpsons would probably be one of the funniest yet adorable families in America,.. if only they’re real. However, they’re still one of the best families in my list despite them being all down hilarious and totally crazy, most of the time. Well, they may be one of the weirdest families on earth but they’re still one of the most real and inspiring ones. Watching them tells me what a true family really is and that there’s no such thing as a perfect family, only real imperfect ones exist.

Here’s a hot mama Marge Simpson cosplay by Angie Griffin which she wore for their cosplay kitchen video on Youtube where she made a “donut prank”. You should watch it, it was really fun and interesting most especially if you’re in for pranks!

Check out this funny cosplay kitchen video by Angie and her friend!


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