Yoni-Two’s Funny Homer Simpson Cosplay


Homer Simpson often drinks Duff beer with his buddies after a hard day’s work at the plant, so it’s highly likely you’ll see him at your local bar on St. Patrick’s Day! Homer appears to have left his Duff at home in this cosplay by Yonka-Two, but at least he’s got his favorite snack in tow. Worn at ChisaliCon 2011 in Hamburg, this costume features yellow skin, brown shading for a beard, and a Homer Simpson headpiece inspired by his younger look back when he had more than two hairs. The best thing about this cosplay is that it mirrors the cartoon Homer rather than portraying him as a real person, with everything from the clothes to the donut resembling an animation.


Here is my Homer Simpson Cosplay! I love it! xD
Got the donut, but forgot my Duff. D’oh!

Homer: me
Convention: ChisaiiCon 2011 – Hamburg, Germany


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