Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu episode 24

Subaru almost made it! I’m pretty sure not everyone expected how the previous episode ended. I was excited to see how Subaru would get out of this mess without killing himself again.

It seems like the “save” point of Subaru this time is at the camp of Crusch’s team when they were formulating on how to go about defeating the Witch’s Cult.

Ram greeted Emilia with Wilhelm Trias on their doorsteps, explaining that there has been a mistake with the letter that Crusch wished to send Emilia and that he had come to explain and express his master’s true will – to take the villagers to safety but he did not tell her that they were referring to the Witch’s Cult and only said that there are criminals in the forest.

I found it amusing when Subaru tried to disguise as one of Crusch’s soldier when it was obviously him, given that he was wearing a tracksuit that does not belong to that world. Also, I wondered why Beatrice was not allowed to leave the mansion.

Anyway, when moving the villagers to safety, Subaru secretly made way for Emilia to take the carriage with the children of the village, although she decided against it because of what the villagers think about her, Subaru was able to convince Emilia to join the children’s carriage.

Subaru was able to find a clever way to sneak into the hiding spot of the Witch’s Cult and found that the members communicate through a compact metia device.

By luring Betleguese, the archbishop of the Witch’s Cult, they were able to bring him to the part of the forest where Julius was waiting for Betleguese and Subaru. With the help of Ia, the spirit, Julius was able to use Subaru as his guide to his the invisible hands of Betleguese and destroyed him completely. Subaru and Julius was finally able to acknowledge each other’s existing and possibly to even become friends.

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