Kota_Morgue revs up the psycho bunny

One of my favorite models is Kota_Morgue. She basically is a ball of psychotron energy rolled up into a petite tattoo goddess. She’s in her room now hanging out and chillin. In fact, she wants to hang with the group so bad she just turned down a private. How many hostesses would do that? With that one act of utter truth, Kota Morgue just put herself far above most of the rooms on the list. What put her beyond the stratosphere (not the hotel in Vegas, but the actual layer) was her announcement that one of the prizes coming up will be a print made about the same as her twitter psycho-bunny cover.

If you haven’t checked that cover out–do so now. I don’t (as a rule of the job) collect things from artists, but that is one I’d really really think about getting. It’s so fricken cool! Seriously well done–fluffy (NOT!) and a smile full of teeth. IT reminds me of the persona of the bunny that followed David Bowie around for the Reality Tour. Hush hush on that.

The bottom line is if you like ink, if you like petite, if you like psychotron energy–you need to jump into Kota’s room. Everyone needs a dose of Kota now and then. Oh, and if you do get a chance of that bunny print, you better let me know how you like it!

Tags: alternative, piercings, tattoos, skinny, small tits, crazy, whatthefuck, petite, bisexual

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