Sexy Lola Bares Her Hot Star Trek Fandom


What took you so long? There is something important you need to see! No, not Star Trek Beyond.

You may want to clear your schedule for this one, at least for the next two or three hours because FTV Girls has a very sexy photo set (which counts as more than one) and a video featuring the gorgeous Lola.

Don’t you just love that name? The way it rolls off your tongue is as enjoyable as watching her strip. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Let’s start from the beginning:

Lola is wearing a very nice red dress that is based on the outfits that the Redshirts wore on Star Trek. That’s right, this lady is not only gorgeous, but she is also a Star Trek fan with a costume which she is eager to show you.

When you watch this, get ready for some major visual treats because the outfit is see-through in some angles and a bit short, which makes for some very nice flashes of what lies under the lower part of it and it holds the secret that she is not wearing any underwear. A fact, by the way, that she is not shy about as she gives you some good looks at her nude body by lifting up her dress and striking some superb poses.

When she is done posing like this, she takes the action to a car, where she continues showing off her beautiful body before taking a walk through town where she playfully continues to entice you with her natural charm and overall lovely self.

There are so many good things on this one that you will also see her posing next to a model of the Enterprise and even showing off her gorgeous body to Captain Kirk, who seems to not believe that the galaxy has a woman as hot as her.

Lastly, you can see her with street clothes showing off her perky boobs and being super attractive in this final part, which is the setting that the related video focuses on, so you can watch a whole lot more of the alluring behind-the-scenes action that will have you completely draw in because of its variety and quality.







This cutie from last month is back for a little more, and she’s bught her star trek outfit with her. She even has the earrings… On arrival there is a striptease from her normal wear (which is really sexy — she is a stunner at the airport, with guys checking her out) then her masturbating with fingers right away. Two views of the masturbation, she comes to orgasm (with slightly visible vaginal contractions). Then off to the main event, where she changes in the parking lot into her Star Trek uniform. Those of you who have seen the latest movie will recognize her outfit. It almost seems a little too big for her tiny frame, but is sexy without panties nonetheless. We take the time to go all the way downtown, and do some shooting and flashing there. Its always interesting to see how people react to someone wearing something like this. No doubt most don’t even know what the outfit signifies, and are probably having their own unique ideas of what is going on. Spotted flashing on the street, a heavyset fellow asks what site its for, and I call out ‘FTV’, he knows right away what it is, and it was a rather unexpected and funny finish to that video. Lola puts on some stockings, and masturbates while watching some classic Star Trek, to another orgasm. This is the ‘Trekkie’ Valentines special 😄




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