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Fantastic Bronn Game of Thrones Cosplay by Foxybadger Cosplay

This Bronn cosplay by Foxybadger Cosplay is very well done, from the costume to the background to the pale, tired-looking lighting that accurately reflects his...

game of thrones bronn party whore

Game of Thrones, Bronn Likes to Party All the Time with Hookers, Boba Fett Steampunk Ice Sculpture

So HBO’s Game of Thrones had a lot of hooker tit action tonight. That Bronn likes to party like there is no tomorrow the night before a war. Raygun Robyn is at a...

Game of Thrones – Ghost of Harrenhall

Boom! And like that, King LGBT is deadzorz by the hands of shadowy Stannis Demon Baby. This is a bit of a kink in the plan for the Tyrells and Little Finger is quick to...


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