Fantastic Bronn Game of Thrones Cosplay by Foxybadger Cosplay


This Bronn cosplay by Foxybadger Cosplay is very well done, from the costume to the background to the pale, tired-looking lighting that accurately reflects his character. IJdie’s photographs speak just as much of Bronn’s mercenary background and disposition as Foxybadger Cosplay’s costume, pose, and expression. I especially like the rectangular pattern of the vest, which successfully mirrors Bronn’s signature outfit. The one thing that seems out of place is the congeniality of the cosplayer, since Bronn doesn’t smile in most photos. Overall, though, this cosplay is very well done.


Game of Thrones cosplay time! I don’t have that many pictures of my GOT cosplays (soon hopefully) but here’s one of my favourites. I love Bronn, and I hope the new season will give us more of him!

Picture by IJdie


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