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Scar 13 with a Holiday Tree

Deck the stairs with amazinging sensual Scar 13 because she is what one really needs by the tree this year, as you can see in this free gallery of Scar13 photos.

Is Hell a Real Place?

The question you should be asking yourselves is “how did Masuimi Max get to be such a sexy hot devil?” as exemplified in this free gallery from Blue...

Christine Young As Santa’s Elf

Christine Young is one sexy little lingerie-clad elf for Santa. I’m not sure what he is making in that toy shop now.

The First Androids

The First Androids site features a variety of very small sex dolls and very life size ones. The site is in German, so my comprehension is limited, but it includes...

Christine Young in the Holiday Spirit

My favorite thing about this time of year is the way it induces regular people to get into costume with a fannish aplomb one would not normally expect in mundanes. That...

Does the Microdoll Make You Feel Like a Big Man?

Does the Microdoll make you feel like a big man? Well, it certainly ought to. She is only around fourteen centimeters in height. The Microdoll site bills it as...

The Universal Positioning Device or UPD

I’ve written about a number of nonpenetrative Fucking Machines adjunct robots this month, but the really must-have Xmas gadget from the Fucking Machines engineers...

Abbie Had a Threesome with a Real Doll

I don’t think they exactly update terribly often, but it is still comforting to know that there is a long-running site out there featuring hardcore three way sex...

Agent Aeon Circuit Breaker

Blue Blood Agent Aeon shows off the circuit boards tattooed under her adorable breasts in this free gallery from Barely Evil.

XXX Fantasy Toons

I have no idea what brought XXX Fantasy Toons to my mind.

Why would I want a motorized chair?

According John Acres and the Bigha web site, the answer is not what Gizmodo and Sexy Fandom previously reported about the Bigha Stargazer Sex Chair, but rather,...

Hentai Figurine Splam

For reasons best known to the management of Sex n Fun which they have not shared with me, they have posted a gallery of what they suggest are semen-splattered hentai...


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