Melina Has Never Known Defeat


“…Heed my words. I am Malenia. Blade of Miquella. And I have never known defeat.” – Malenia

Malenia, Blade of Miquella and Malenia, Goddess of Rot is a Boss character on the game, Elden Ring. As the twin of Miquella, the mightiest among the Empyreans, Malenia earned her reputation through a legendary battle against Starscourge Radahn during the Shattering. In this epic battle, she harnessed the potent force of the Scarlet Rot, laying waste to Caelid and reducing it to ruins, a testament to her unparalleled power and ferocity. Malenia is described to be tall and has a robust yet graceful build, accentuated by her cascading crimson hair that trailed down her back. Her body bears the scars of the Scarlet Rot, evident through the cracks marring her skin. The affliction had also infiltrated her eyes, rendering her permanently sightless. To compensate for her missing limbs, she sported intricate golden prosthetics, replacing her right arm, left leg, and the lower portion of her right leg. A unique manifestation of her power allowed her to conjure a magnificent pair of wings woven from countless butterflies, intricately bound together by her own hair, whenever she harnessed the potent energy of the rot.

Lady Melamori’s rendition of Melenia in her cosplay might not align perfectly with every detail, but don’t you think she undeniably excels at capturing the essence of the character, delivering a remarkable portrayal?

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