Bazowie Awards 2024 Best Anime Themed Toy Nominees


While we are all getting amped up for the Bazowie! Awards livestream, I thought I’d just highlight a few categories. The category for Best Anime Themed Toy has a fabulous assortment of tentacle and more goodness for all your anime dreams. Dear readers, we hope you will join us for March the 4th’s Bazowie Awards livestream, in less than a week and a half. Meanwhile, the Bazowie Awards 2024 nominees for Best Anime Themed Toy are:

Alla from Nothosaur

Bubbles from Organotoy

Depth Monster from Vex Toys

Hentai Dildo from Hankeys Toys

photographed by san diego product photographer Nesli

Hunter Jack from Nothosaur

Leviathan Depth Trainer from John Thomas Toys

N√łkken the Hippocampus from Bad Dragon

Tatsu from NaughtyFox Toys

Trench Depth Training Tentacle from Sinnovator


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