Witchy 2B Has Come This Way


YoRHa No. 2 Type B or “2B” for short is a fictional soldier android character from the game called Nier: Automata. She is one of the three protagonists in the game and has also appeared in spin-off novels. This 2023, the character will also be appearing as the protagonist in the upcoming anime adaptation.

We’ve all seen different variations and modified cosplay ideas of the characters from Nier: Automata, particularly 2B. We’ve seen a 2B cosplay in default clothing, 2B as a maid, 2B in a keyhole sweater, 2B in swimwear, 2B as a cat girl, etc. However, this time something we’ve never seen before has come up – a Magician version of 2B has been cosplayed by Hatori Sama. This may or may not be based on a collectible figure which can be found on Mirai Collectibles but it does have some resemblances.

Hatori sama is known for her sexy cosplay photoshoots and now has over 8,000 followers on Facebook. If you would like to see more of her work be sure to check THIS LINK.


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