Surtr Will Destroy Your World


Upon reading the name Surtr, I was imagining either an old dude who somehow resembled a prisoner man from Metal Slug but in giant form like the photo in Wikipedia for Surtr, or a flaming monster with horns and holding a huge flaming sword ready to set Asgard on the path to its doom like in Thor: Ragnarok.

However in Arknights, their Surtr looks a lot more appealing. Surtr does have horns here but they’re cute, which is why I think why fanboys and cosplayers like Messie Cosplay are attracted to this character. Surtr’s default clothes consist of a black sleeveless dress, thigh high stockings, and strappy black pumps, however Messi Cosplay thought she’d wake up at 4 a.m. to have a photoshoot as Surtr in her summer beachwear outfit. Such dedication, right? It’s definitely worth it! Messie cosplay only asks that her followers spread the love if they want to see more of her Surtr cosplay.


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