Shura Kirigakure Cosplay

We all have a pretty stereotypical idea of what an exorcist looks like they sport a huge crucifix, a bible, stern expression, usually an old man. The Blue Exorcist anime series turns that stereotype on its head with Shura Kirigakure. A female exorcist who does her work in a bikini top, shorty shorts, thigh-high stockings, and a screw you attitude.

The exact type of woman that German cosplay fan Ricky, likes to emulate. She brought all her cosplaying abilities and natural bodily gifts to bear in order to bring Shura to life. Including the flaming red hair with yellow tips and the tattoo that runs down from her chest to beneath her barely there shorts. The only problem Ricky seems to have had while making this cosplay is finding a bikini top that she wouldn’t almost fall out of.

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