Ane Naru Mono BOSS Cosplayer


BOSS Cosplayer has rewarded her followers with a cosplay of Chiyo from Ane Naru Mono (The Elder Sister-Like One). She is a mysterious powerful girl who describes herself as someone who has been revered as a goddess, a demon, and even a monster in her lifetime but the protagonist, Yuu, mistakes her as an angel.

At the time of writing, the Japanese comic Ane Naru Mono has a weighted score of 7.46/10 by 7,466 users on MyAnimeList. The story follows an orphan boy, Yuu, who receives a free wish from a tantalizing she-demon and of all the wishes he could have made, he settles for asking her to become his older sister. Despite the praise for the story among the readers, they warned future readers that they might get put off by the large amount of ecchi. Ecchi is the genre the comic book is tagged in and it basically means it’s got naughty bits in it. But if you’re not against that, then this comic book is for you so go check it out.

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