Who Is This Mysterious Heroine?


Doesn’t this cosplay make you want to go out for a swim? The blue waters, the perfect weather, and of course a charming lady to spend the time with makes it all the more tempting.

For gamers and those familiar with Fate Grand Order, this character is known to them as “Mysterious Heroine X”. She’s always seen wearing her blue cap, that she uses to cover her hairstyle and at times, it can cast a shadow on her face. While she believes that her perfect disguise has everyone fooled, everyone can clearly see that she is in fact Artoria Pendragon.

It’s rare to see cosplays of this character. Mostly we see cosplays of FGO’s mainstream girls, which is why this one of Mysterious Heroine X is worth sharing. What do you think of this cosplay?

Cosplayer: 包也是兔娘


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