IBIvyWilde Enjoys The Company Of A Great Team


This stream sees IBIvyWilde team up with some friends to play Lethal Company, and while it is very interesting to see the setup, how IBIvyWilde reads operational manuals and how everybody gears up in preparation to the task ahead, what they do to deviate from the expected gameplay is what takes the cake on this one.

There are plush-like toys scattered about, at some point IBIvyWilde finds a rubik’s cube to play with, there’s a whoopee cushion somewhere on the floor that they activate a lot by stepping and jumping on it, and there’s even the start of a dance party where one of the crew starts shaking it on top of a table with full gear on, which goes to show just how much fun the job is in this multiplayer game.

IBIvyWilde Writes:

I can game and cum at the same time!


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