Mafuyu Oribe Cosplay

Long crimson hair, g-cup breasts, a corset, thigh stockings, and nothing but panties for bottoms Mafuyu Oribe has plenty to get your attention with. One of the protagonists of the Seikon No Qwaser anime, she is wrapped up in a world of alchemy where those g-cup breasts are often a weapon and a tool. It’s certainly not your average anime which made it an perfect fit for cosplayer Ameni.

The Peruvian cosplayer took it as an opportunity to create a cosplay that shows off her greatest assets for everyone to enjoy. Using that corset to push her own naturally big chest to the forefront while the thigh high stockings, lead our eyes right to the panties she’s proudly wearing. Ameni snaps you to full attention with both her stunning looks and a perfectly crafted cosplay she created herself.

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