Doctor, I Am Elite Operator Rosmontis


“Hello, Doctor. I am Elite Operator Rosmontis. Ms. Kal’tsit has given her permission. You can give me and my team orders now. Use my power where it matters, Doctor. I also tend to forget about things pretty easily. Be sure to remind me if it looks like I might forget something.” – Rosmontis Onboard Dialogue

Bored of your current gacha mobile game? Well, if you’re looking for a different gacha game with plenty of cute characters to collect, why not try Yostar and Hypergryph’s mobile tower-defense game, Arknights? It’s a simple single-player puzzle game and puzzle levels to complete. To fight off the baddies, you can acquire characters to be deployed in your units through the game’s gacha system. Every character boasts a distinct array of skills and falls into specific classes. Sure, getting higher tier units depend on gacha RNG, but what’s nice about Arknights is the fact that you can conquer each level with the more common, lower-rarity units and you don’t require a dazzling, ultra-rare six-star character to emerge victorious. You might even get the chance to obtain the character in this cosplay, Rosmonits.

Cosplayer: 樱岛嗷


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