Little_ary’s Sexy Version Of Makima


Chainsaw Man has to be one of the most unique franchises out there and today Little_ary is paying tribute to the series with her very own cosplay show.

She has taken on the role of Makima, who is usually seen wearing a formal Oublic Safety uniform. Today that uniform has instead turned into a black bikini, but she still has a tie around her neck to make it lookd distinctly perfect for Makima. Of course the red hair looks like it came straight out of the anime, but maybe even more bright and colorful.

I love this take on Makima! Little_ary has managed to put her own sexy spin on the character while still remaining true to her overall style and that’s just one of the many reasons her shows are so much fun to watch.

Little_ary's Sexy Version Of Makima

Little_ary's Sexy Version Of Makima

Little_ary's Sexy Version Of Makima

Little_ary writes:

I love anime, I love it, I do not have much time to see it, but I’ve already seen many, If I can help you with any fantasy that you have, do not hesitate to tell me, I am like a fairy I like to fulfill wishes, I am tender and submissive, but if you provoke me I can lose control.


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