Makima Is Your Necessary Evil


The irreverently humored Chainsaw Man anime has indeed gotten a lot of spotlight since its release. The character, Makima, is the main antagonist in the Public Safety Saga (the first part of Chainsaw Man series) and is one of the most cosplayed characters at conventions and photoshoots since 2022. Appearance-wise, Makima is described to be a woman in her 20s with red hair which is normally kept in a braid. Her eyes are yellow with multiple rings, which makes viewers question if she’s human. She usually wears her Public Safety uniform which consists of a white long-sleeved top, black tie, black pants, and brown shoes. Twoyun’s cosplay may have started out with Makima’s default look, but it certainly has progressed more into imagining what is underneath it all. What do you think of this cosplay?

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