Devilishly Beautiful Makima Cosplay


If you’ve been to anime and cosplay conventions lately, you’ll have noticed a lot of cosplays from the genre, Chainsaw Man. And if you’re familiar with the mentioned anime, you’re for sure familiar with this red-haired beauty, Makima, who Lada Lyumos is cosplaying in this photo set. She’s mostly seen wearing a white long-sleeved button down top with a black tie, black office pants, and brown shoes. Her red hair is usually tied up neatly in a single loose braid and her bangs combed neatly to frame her face.

Makima is an antagonist from Chainsaw Man, a Japanese comic book turned anime series that is written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. This dark and somewhat gruesome tale has caught the attention of plenty of mature audiences. At first thought, Chainsaw Man would sound like a guy wielding a chainsaw, but no. This is anime. It’s a guy who becomes a chainsaw himself and slays devils in a world full of them along with devil hunters.


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