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Cos Culture magazine is doing a Kickstarter which is well worth backing if you like cosplay. They’ve done 10 issues so far and 3 print issues and they are planning to print more. Hence the reason for the Cos Culture Kickstarter. You can check out some examples of the digital version of their mag on their web site, to get a feel for their range of content. I like that Cos Culture magazine interviews a variety of people from the scene, including not only the expected costumers, but also photographers and illustrators etc. I just like their vibe. The magazine comes across appealingly heartfelt. Today is the last day to back the Cos Culture Kickstarter. You can get actual print on paper and also some cool T-shirts and hoodies for cosplay fans.




About this project

We’re not your standard magazine! Think of us more as a periodical collector’s art book focused on cosplay!

Cos Culture Magazine is an independent digital and print publication dedicated to promoting the art and culture of Cosplay. The magazine is created and published by Nikko Marie through her independent creative media publishing company NH Creative Inc, and Nikko is the driving force behind the magazine’s vision and production. She is the sweat, blood and tears (tears of joy, of course!) behind the publication, working as editor, marketer, publisher, researcher, graphic designer and all around worker bee. As the months go on we are slowly building an amazing team of supporters who help make the magazine the best that it can be!

Each issue features the work of different cosplayers, photographers, prop-makers and/or artists, and includes interviews, tutorials and stunning photography spreads.

The first edition was released in summer 2014, and received enormous support and positive feedback from the cosplay community. We’ve since released two more print issues, as well as a total of 9 digital issues through our website. Beginning this April, we will be releasing the print magazine on a bi-monthly publication schedule!

Subscribers can gain free access to the digital issues of the magazine through our website. We also offer a variety of print subscriptions, with international shipping options. The print issues feature absolutely no advertising, so you can ensure top notch quality for an affordable price!

The magazine was created as a means to promote the work of cosplayers, prop makers, cosplay photographers and artists, and to help share the amazing niche world of cosplay with a broader audience. The magazine is distributed to stores across Canada, and shipped all around the world through our website. Beginning in June, we will be distributing to comic book stores across North America, and it is all thanks to your support!

Nikko’s vision is that of a magazine that promotes the positive aspects of the cosplay community in a way that people can relate to. We’ve focused on themes such as gender stereotypes and identity confidence in cosplay, and have a number of great stories to share in future issues, including one woman’s story of how she overcame her depression and anxiety through cosplay. We focus on the craft, dedication and passion that is involved in this hobby, and are eager to share more of this amazing community with our readers. We are a very small company, and as such can guarantee that our core values of non-discrimination, positivity and inclusivity will be maintained throughout the duration of the publication.

We’re more than just a magazine! Cos Culture has grown to be a community of like-minded people who come together over their shared passions. We run our website as a subscription membership site, and our members gain access to digitized versions of our print magazine. In addition to the magazine, we offer our digital subscribers access to exciting contests and other content, such as crafting hangout Q&A videos and tutorials, and we’re hoping to expand into offering podcasts, even better contests, and as much great content as we can possibly manage.

Cosplay stands for ‘costume play’. It is the hobby of creating and wearing costumes from any given fandom. It is a phenomenon that has grown so vastly over the last few years, becoming a major part of convention culture all around the world. People get into cosplay for different reasons; some do it for the craft, others for the love of a certain character. No matter the reason, it has become a culture that has brought millions of people together over shared passions and interests. However mainstream this hobby may get, the cosplay community remains an inclusive and tight-knit one, and we are excited to be a part of it.

We have the drive, commitment and know-how, now we just need the support! The purpose of this Kickstarter campaign is to raise enough money to keep this magazine going, and to allow us to increase print publication to 6 times per year. To date, all the magazine’s expenses have been paid for out-of-pocket by the magazine’s editor, Nikko, and without the extra support, the continued existence of the magazine may not be possible. With your help, we can maintain this exciting publication, add new and improved content, increase circulation and even bring new people on board. As you probably well know, most magazines are filled with flashy and annoying advertising. We’ve managed to keep our print magazines ad-free, ensuring the maximum amount of cosplay-related content as possible. We’re excited for the future possibilities of the magazine, and we hope you are, too!

Here are some of the major costs we’re hoping to offset by this Kickstarter:

– Legal fees associated with registering the Cos Culture Magazine trademark.

– Higher manufacturing costs to enable us to print within North America.

– Marketing and distribution costs.

Your support in backing this Kickstarter will ensure the magazine will continue to be published, and will help in ensuring that our small, independent publication will stand up tall against our corporate competition!

In a time dominated by global corporations and media conglomerates, we want to prove that the little guy can have just as much of an impact on the world as the big guns! With your support, we’re confident that we can stand up to our corporate competition and maintain a publication that will change the face of the cosplay community. We’re wholeheartedly dedicated to making the magazine the best that it can be, and with you help we can ensure the continued existence of the publication and its involvement in the community.

All money raised through this Kickstarter will go towards printing costs, improving distribution and equipment, and bringing new people on board. Any additional funds above the initial goal will go towards growing our workplace and adding new content to the magazine and website. As we are a small business and are published by our own publishing company, we can guarantee all funds will go directly into improving the magazine and its supporting infrastructure.

We currently have three issues printed, and our fourth is due out this April.

First Print Edition:

Faun and Games – a feature on faun ‘fantasy’ cosplays. Featuring interviews from Nana Kuronoma, Luka Cosplay, Kalseru Cosplay, Susa Strawberry and Luna le Fey.
Call to Arms – an interview with Folkenstal Armory, along with a mold and resin casting tutorial on how she made her Blade of Woe replica weapon.
Behind the Lens – a photographic feature on AshB Images.

Second Print Edition:

Hidden Gems of Canada – a feature on Canadian cosplayers, prop-makers and designers. Featuring interviews from Henchmen Props and Cosplay, Oshley Cosplay, Andy Rae Cosplay, Vivid Vision, Gladzy Kei, Niq Cosplay (Detailed Illusion), Nathan de Luca and Suki Cosplay.
We discuss breaking through gender stereotypes in cosplay with a number of the above cosplayers.
Tutorial – Henchmen’s resin casting methods for his Reaper mask.
Tutorial – Gladzy Kei’s worbla armour and weapon cosplay build for Battle Armoured Jasmine.
Lexa One Photographie interview and photo feature.

Third Print Edition:

Zach Fischer Art and Illustration’s original cosplay designs. An interview and in-depth look at his work and the cosplayers who have built his designs. Featuring his following designs built by…
Kamui Cosplay – Interview and full-length feature, including a look at her Dani Moonstar and Malthael cosplay builds, and a chat with Benni, too!
Miss Sinister – Original genderbent female Krotos.
Jet City Cosplay – Original Night Elf from World of Warcraft.
Lightning Cosplay – Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion, including a chat with Ralf!
Tutorial – Jet City Cosplay shows us how to use fabric to detail armour
Tutorial – Lightning Cosplay shows us how to use epoxy clay to create raised detailing on cosplay armour.

We have a number of exciting reward options, including print copies of the magazine, magazine subscriptions, clothing and advertising opportunities! All rewards are listed along the right side of the page.

The following clothing options are available to choose from, and we will confirm your selection once the Kickstarter is over.



We also have great advertising options in our digital magazines for our corporate sponsors. Subscriptions to our digital magazines are absolutely free, and our subscriber base is growing daily. Do you have a geeky product that would appeal to cosplayers? Advertise in our magazine, and we will make sure it gets put in front of the faces of people who are interested in what you have to offer. All advertising in our digital issues can include direct links to your product, allowing for your product to be easily accessible to your target demographic! We also help promote our advertising sponsors on social media.

All backers who choose advertising rewards through this Kickstarter will also get 25% off one future advertising slot.

You can visit our website at

You can also find us on social media here:

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our project!
Risks and challenges

The risks associated with this project are minimal. The first three editions are already printed, and the largest challenge will be raising enough funds to ensure the magazine can continue to be produced at a bi-monthly schedule. Through your help and support, we hope to be able to grow our small, independent magazine into a world-wide distributed publication that stays true to our core values.

We are still a young magazine, but the expectation is that once our fan-base grows, the magazine will be self-funding through sales profits.


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