Bazowie! Magazine Interview & Last Chance Vaughn Belak Kickstarter


This month I had the chance to interview Vaughn Belak. I found out about this killer artist via a Barely Evil Magazine interview and I was captivated by his work. I spend a lot (maybe too much) time at the artists’ row in various Cons and Vaughn blows them all away. When I heard he had this new book coming out, Dodging Knives and Throwing Bullets, I knew I had to talk to him. Rarely do we see art have a message and a meaning–art with a foundation and rage–and when it happens, you better believe good ol’ Uncle Jim is going to be there! Vaughn was nice enough to take some time and answer some pressing (and one rather ‘had to be there’ bonus) questions that rattled around me head ever since I laid eyes on those moon eyed devils. You can read the whole interview in the brand new issue of Bazowie! Magazine. Right now, there are two hours left to pledge the Vaughn Belak art and inspiration Kickstarter.


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