Would You Like Ägir To Come A Little Closer?


“I am Ägir, named after the very same mythological ruler of the sea. Though, compared to a god who smote adversaries with storms and crashing waves, my way of dealing with my enemies is much more subdued. Ahahaha.” – Ägir Self Introduction

This cosplay by Hane Ame is of Azur Lane’s playable character named Ägir. Her name is based on the name of a heavy cruiser that was built for the Imperial German Navy and was mobilized for wartime service following the outbreak of World War I. In July 2021, Azur Lane introduced Ägir as their new anthropomorphized ship girl and had fans simping over her image and voice which was provided by Sakura Ayane. The commanders (players) were more than willing to join Ägir on her maiden voyage and welcomingly let her grace their docks.

For more photos of Hane Ame as Ägir, check out her Patreon page.


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