Hiei Cosplay Is Quite The Head-turner


Azur Lane’s character Hiei’s not only popular for her looks but also is well-known specially among Japanese fans because her seiyuu (Japanese voice actor/actress) is no other than the talented Eri Kitamura who is a singer and an amateur manga artist. Believe it or not seiyuu popularity is part of what has made fans flock towards the game. Kitamura Eri’s fans have affectionally called her “Kita-Eri” while she refers to her fans as “Kita Elitists”. She is also well-known for voicing “kuu-dere” characters.

Eri Kitamura’s character, Hiei, on Azur Lane presents herself as a mature, calm, and elegant lady. These traits have drawn players and cosplayers to become fond of the character. Some of them affectionately calling the character their “wife”.

Hiei cosplay by: 大魔法师夜子
Photo by: 試作型404


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