Victorious Cosplay By Miido


If it wasn’t for this cosplay of Victorious by Miido, I seriously would not know about the game it’s from that’s called Azur Lane. This is one of the many reasons I love cosplay. It’s not only an expression of fandom but at the same time it draws attention to the fandom. It takes a lot of courage to wear this cosplay outdoors and that is probably why obviously, this is one of those bedroom cosplay and you can tell by how some of the background has been blurred off. Although it would have been more epicly amazing to see a shoot in the proper location, nevertheless, I appreciate the effort the cosplayer has made and the quality of the photos that she shared.

As for the Azur Lane, if you’re into games like Kantai Collection, then you’ll probably find this game to have certain similarities and the best part of it is, there’s an English version now that is available on iOS and Android. The game has also made collaborations with other famed video game franchises like Hyperdemention Neptunia and World of Warships. The game is soon to have a 3D adaptation for PlayStation 4 and an upcoming anime in the near future.


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