Do You Wish To Rest?


“I am called Shinano, an aircraft carrier of the Sakura Empire. I was to stand beside Yamato during that war, yet in the end… Alas, there is impermanence in all things, and nothing became of this one’s life… May your guidance lead my fate to a different outcome…” – Shinano

If you thought Azure Lane only anthropomorphized ships into ship girls, apparently that’s not the case. This Ultra Rare (UR) character, Shinano, is not only ship turned into a girl but she also has fluffy fox ears and a tail. So, it’s a historic ship anthropomorphized into an anthropomorphized fox. It’s a mouthful to say, isn’t it? While this cosplay of Shinano by Niyeye might not be a mouthful, it’s definitely going to make jaws drop as she slips into her finely made costume and teases her fans with her sultry poses.


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