Thirsty? Let Scathach Fix You A Drink


This sexy cosplay of Scathach is by far the most intricate one I’ve seen this month. The costume, with the little amount of cloth it’s made up of, is sewn using good quality fabric that looks beautiful and has an air of luxury when photographed.

When I stumbled on Aqua’s beautiful cosplay of Scathach my first thought as a cosplay fan was did she have this custom made or did she make this herself? Because of all the Scathach cosplays I’ve seen online, so far, this one does not have a copy. It does not appear to be sold in stores. There are equally shiny bunny girl cosplay variations for Scathach but again, none like the one Aqua had on.

Aqua is known for her busty and daring cosplay photoshoots. This cosplay of Scathach is just another cross off of her long and growing list of cosplays. To follow her updates on social media, you can do a quick google search of her cosplay pseudonym “水淼aqua” or you can just visit the following links:



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