House of the Dragon S1E9 – Forget Sauron, Amazon sure did!


As we begin House of the Dragon S1E9, we pause to give thanks for HBO running this and not Amazon. What we get in the recap for this episode had more plot, character development, and action than the entire final episode of Ring of Power. Can HBO deliver the promise of being ‘the show’ to go to (until Last of Us and yeah, that looks all sorts of Bazowie!).

We all had moments like this…Tinder, ammirite?

The king is dead and he said something to the Queen before he passed. The thing is, will this ‘thing’ be believed by anyone since she has been a bit jelly and batty lately? One more day passes and now the Game of Thrones is played for real.

With his final wish, he said my grandson shall be king, not the person he said for 30 years or more. The fun part of this is once she hears that the Small Council had been plotting this for years now, she gets a bit cold feet. Cold feet is also with the guy who looks a bit like the Emperor until he is killed by Ser WhiteKnight gone bad. And we have our first true allegiance check.

In this swift action, HoD has more plot and action than almost the entire season of Rings.

The Small Council is about to order the Lord Commander to kill the king’s brother and daughter. This is a lot of hand showing all at once.

Showing is how nobody can find the ‘new heir’ to the throne. Is he really the heir? Is he just a person getting some VD? All this and more on the next Streamin’ Demons! Errmm…wait…no. As we try to find the prince who is at some random brothel, we see other of the blood line being locked in their rooms. It seems that anyone who has a legitimate claim to the throne is being holed up whilst others are being placed in jail. It is a coup thru and thru.

Man, Legolas sure got taller…

Rule number one about running a brothel: Don’t give up your client list. Well, unless Charlie Sheen is on that list and it’s 1990-something. As we go from brothel to the throne room, we see another lord doing the honorable thing and about to pay the price for it. It will be interesting to see how things play out once they leave the throne room. We know all too well (royal weddings, for example) that saying a thing and doing a thing are two different, well, things. You could even call one Thing one and the other Thing two.

The feeling when…you an extra and everyone else is kneeling.

Sorry, I had another comeback but I’m watching small children beat each other to death. Also, I’m watching the House of Dragon scene with some bare knuckles fighting of kids.

First there was Muppet Babies…then came Tiny Toons. Now we bring you Wee-Bum Fights!

I think we are about to get our answer regarding what would happen if the person bent the knee and then tried to flee. It looks like they are locking down the entire city and really doing this coup full blown. What also is flow blown is the level of stupidity the Hand has. He’s about to be played like a fiddle, or whatever they call those things in Dragontown (cool Alice Cooper album if you’re up to a listen after!)

IT was my husband’s dying wish to lock everyone up and kill people who get in my way! Did anyone think that line would play well to the one person who should, except for a weird coin toss, be ruler at the moment?

A woman? On the Throne?! Who would ever believe..what was that? Literally the plot to GoT? Ohhhhhhh…..

What started as one person talking into the ear to gain the support of someone who is far too smart to truly believe anything the Queen has said, turns quickly into the older and far more wiser person twisting the Queen’s ear. Should she forget all of the men and take the throne herself?

Quick question – given the Lady in Red is vastly older than she looks in GoT, will she appear in this season?

Back to the action — it looks like the prince is hiding, but the price for information is stopping children-bum fights. The Hand of the King, gets a lesson that he is surely going to forget – there is no power except for that the people give. One day, those people might go against you.

It seems the prince, who is older but looks a lot younger than his brother, has no heart in being king. In fact, he has a great idea — he takes off over the sea and lets whomever (aka his baby brother) become king instead. Will this be history repeating itself or will he simply get killed?

Boy, thanksgiving sure is weird in this house…

The Queen and the Hand talk. She is more direct to him this time around and tells him to uhhh Talk to the Hand. As the Hand talks to himself, she is off to talk to Larys. Previously, Larys said he’d be faithful to her father and now, he’s showing his true colours and narking on the Hand. Is he going to be the second person this episode to whisper in her ear to take the throne herself.

The price for the information seems to be some sort of weird uhh ok. It’s time to pretend I’m 6 years old again and cover me eyes during the ‘naughty scene’. Just which warning was ‘foot fetish’ on the Graphic Advisory List?

Looks like before there was Littlefinger, there was OnlyFans to support the Crown.

As the elder princess gets an escort, it makes one think — just how many foot festishes does this show display? OK, so maybe one pair is on a guy hanging from the rafters, but still. Also what makes one think — where are the people that this episode is really about? Where is Daemon and the true King?

This carriage ride is proving all too exact. The Queen, who truly thinks the King did say her son should be the next King (but we all know he was talking about the prophecy and those words weren’t meant for her), is trying her best to act like a rational person. She’s giving her son good advice on not trusting her father. Maybe she should take the same advice? Is it too late for her? Is it too late for her son? Is it too late to pretend this entire series is just one extended episode of Doctor Who?

Does anyone really think that his ‘dying wish’ is for his son to take over? Anyone hope that a dragon comes in and burns the entire proceeding down? It would be much like the ending of GoT’s ceremony with the exploding fire.

Pretty much Oxford if you substitute hats and motarboards for swords.

As grandfather Hand announces him, the new king (for how long) makes his way down to what is, basically, a remake of an Oxford University graduation ceremony (although, we had bigger Dragons). ┬áIt seems that this episode avoids what the GoT later episodes could not – hours and hours of political debate. At least a crowning ceremony has some action.

The King is dead! Long live the DRAGON! Oh yeah, called it! Let’s see this sucker burn the house down. Maybe that’s what the title really means? It’s not the Targs but the real dragons! A house of dragons. Boom!

In this one pose we see that she could have burned everyone alive and chose not to. Where I’m from this is a sign of ‘you owe me your lives’ mixed with ‘this is what you get for locking me up in my room!’ As she leaves everyone deaf and speechless, we see a house exposed for what they are — cowards and schemers.

Will the war come on full blast next time? Will the sides be drawn? Will the White Walkers get teased (not in a neener neener way but a come soon sort)? We have all these questions and more on the exciting conclusion of House of the Dragon! See y’all next week!

This shot was worth the price of admission. What real power looks like…


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