It’s Time For a Vacation


“I’m Brynhildr. Err… Since it’s a Spirit Origin for summer… I’m a Berserker-class different from usual. Nice to make your acquaintance, Master…Not wearing armor… is discouraging, but in the sense of enjoying summer… in a certain way… It may be something reassuring. At the mountains, at the sea, if it’s with this outfit…” – Brynhildr (Berserker)

Would you like to join her for a dip? Hane Ame is cosplaying a character named Brynhildr from Fate Grand Order. In the game lore, she is a Scandanavian goddess of war and the daughter of Odin. She appears as a beautiful woman with a delicate body, very long pale hair, and she is able to steal any man’s attention. Has she stolen yours yet?

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