Nitocris Cosplay Busting Out For Some Sun


Here’s one of the least cosplayed characters from Fate Grand Order that should definitely get more attention. Nitocris. Shen is said to be a powerful queen who for a while sat on the throne in the Sixth Dynasty of ancient Egypt. Imbued with magic, she caused all of her brother’s murderers to die by drowning and then took her own life afterwards upon completion of her revenge. Makes you rethink hanging out with her especially at the beach, right? But nothing to worry about, this is Hane Ame, a cosplayer who convincingly was able to portray the heroic spirit, Nitocris. Unlike the actual Nitocris, I’m sure Hane Ame is friendlier and less dangerous.

I love the time of day they picked to shoot this, the sunlight is golden and the sky is just beautiful. I’m not quite sure how much of these are post processed but I am pretty sure some of these were taken using the mobile app called SNOW. Either way, the colors are beautiful and if anything, even if post processes were done it only made the photo even better.


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