Girls As Guns: Girls’ Frontline Type 95 Cosplay


If you’re into the turn-based strategy RPG called Girls’ Frontline then you need no introduction to the character called “Type 95”. But for the sake of those who have yet to explore this franchise, this is a 2D mobile strategy game with plenty of cute female characters which kind of reminds you of games like Kantai Collection or Azur Lane. Gamers who like guns anthropomorphized as cute female characters are definitely going to have fun with this game.

Even with the anthropomorphized characters coming from guns and not sea ships, its not an excuse to not wear a swimwear in the Japanese anime/manga/game world and so here we are blessed with another bikini cosplay of a cute female character and she literally looks like the game character has come to life! So, otakus, feel free to revel in this blessing of a cosplay’s beauty.

Coser: 鬼畜瑶在不在


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