Ultra Happy Alarm gets stick(er)y


We know Ultra Happy Alarm for their bubbly style in dress, but they are also a darn good artist. I remember receiving a few of their hand drawn creations in sticker form. I would never have thought to do a shoot with them covered in stickers – and that’s why we have the award-winning team of Amelia G and Forrest Black from BlueBlood! They take things where others haven’t dreamt.

Although these don’t appear to be the same self-styled stickers, they do show a lot of their colorful personality. Heck, can you imagine trying to make a costume purely from stickers? Somehow Ultra Happy Alarm pulls it off and creates a memorable shoot. The colors are amazing, as always, and the use of the green backdrop really makes the whole palette pop. This shoot ended up being the cover of the Ultra Happy Alarm art book. (I know what I’m giving for Christmas! It says “preorder” on the site, but I know it actually is current to order.)

What else is popping is shoot? The placement of the stickers shows a mastery of symmetry and artistic awareness. It just goes to show that sometimes the best things can be found in places we least expect (like the sticker aisle!). There are a number of perfect shots that blend artistic with the steamy. I can’t show you because it’s definitely NSFW. You’ll have to take my word on it (or click on through!).

All of our energies were just in perfect sync for this creation! This was a truly epic shoot for the cover of the Ultra Happy Alarm coffee table art book (available now!) and a great example of how well we collaborate together. Just really creatively on the same page. Audra brought more different colorful stickers than I have seen in one place before ever. Then Lum assisted with arranging all the stickers in the appropriate swirling lines. So much fun. Blue Blood VIP members get to see the whole set and you can check out the front cover of the Ultra Happy Alarm art book or get the book to hold a couple of these brilliantly colorful images in your hand.

–Amelia G


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