Have an Ultra Happy (Alarm) Halloween!


The Ultra Happy Alarm herself, Dorothy Perkins makes her way to the electrons at Barely Evil. I remember covering Audra long ago when she posed in a giant bowl of cereal. I love her energy and her kawaii look. Much like Bob Marley defined reggae music, Dorothy Perkins defines kawaii–thru and thru. If you don’t believe me, just take a random look at anything of hers that I reviewed. I like Ultra Happy Alarm’s work so much, I pre-order her book (and stickers).

This shoot brings the level of cuteness up a notch and is one interjection of ‘rawr!’ short of full stun kawaii. I love the MFC swag here. I love how the colors actually complement Perkins’s style. The greens here work great with her Cyndi Lauper hair and her eye make up. The Hello Kitty thigh and the mitts with laced arms, combined with the ears, make for a great ensemble wardrobe. The choker is a nice touch of red but it’s the eye and face makeup that really sets this to a new level of sexy fun cuteness. The best way I can describe her eyes is, ‘Imagine Rainbow Brite came to life’. This is, almost literally, how I would imagine an adult Rainbow Brite would look like in the sequel to Weird Science. I’m a huge fan of colors and Ultra Happy Alarm pulls this look off flawlessly. I’m a bit jealous, really.

For those who want to get a reminder of what might be in store for you when the book launches, this is a great set. I love the energy and pure fun of it all. Given the current news where any random event is 2 minutes to midnight, well, it’s damn good to have some sort of light in the world that is bright and pure. Ultra Happy Alarm lives up to her name, and more, with this fun shoot and it is sorely needed. If you want a bit of color in your life, go click on thru those links. While you are at it, why not pre-order her book (and those kick arse stickers!)? I know a thing or two about books and this one looks full-forced amazeballs. Don’t take my word for it, though. Go ahead and check it out for yourself. You can thank me later.

Our friend Dorothy Perkins has been spending more time doing really creative stuff over on MyFreeCams. She uses her UltraHappy identity there, so look her up and add her as a friend! We all enjoy seeing her do her thing there. I like that they give her creative freedom to be her adorably quirky cool fun self. Since MFC is a big sponsor of our BarelyEvil Magazine, we thought it would be sexy and cool to do a little set of her in her MFC gear, extra kawaii flavor of course.


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