RocknRose Elf Vulcan Xmas


RocknRose never ceases to amaze me with how she customizes each show. Tonight is, of course, a holiday-themed show. So there are nutcrackers and an Xmas tree and many ornaments in the background and she has tailored her tip menu to offer lots of holiday animations and sounds including Santa’s Sleigh, snowballs, reindeer, falling snow … and a mad scientist Minion.

Apparently, in her room right now, we are all practicing for holiday dinner debates. First, we were debating whether you’d call her outfit baby blue or aqua or teal and whether baby blue was actually a lil bit of a horror-themed idea for a color. Then we were tongue-in-cheek discussing the difference between vulcan ears and elf ears. This reminded me of an article in the con zine BLT years ago making fun of more serious iterations of this debate and how happy I am to have a compendium of all those hilarious issues of Black Leather Times. Anyway, RocknRose is going to do a private club show tonight and the description starts like:

The Xxxmas Elf Club Show (Sat, Dec 18 at 11:59pm PM CDT)
Before and during the time of Christmas Holidays, Santas little elf are busy as can be.
They have so many chores to do…from taking care of the reindeer, baking cookies, making candy, preparing Santa’s sleigh, and assisting Santa with other tasks. And each elf has different chores depending on their special talents and so are their fitting names.

This particular little elf is also very talented in a different kind of giving…
She is energetic, happy, bubbly, flirty, kinky, creative, exciting, enticing just to name a few…

It is free this holidayish weekend to register and watch hours of amazing live performances, including hours of the rest of the show RocknRose is doing now. After this, if you feel like it, you can always tip to join the club festivities. These kinds of events are a really nice break from the isolation of the new normal and RocknRose is an amazing artist.


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