Peter Pan by PuppetsFall Cosplay


The Pan came out in theaters so we just couldn’t resist to present you sweet cosplay girl PuppetsFall, who did a great job with this famous Disney character. We all went back to childhood, that’s for sure!

Peter Pan is my all time favorite characters so I love cosplaying him very much. It was fun leaving my house because my neighbor, who is around 5 years old, was like – It’s Peter Pan, look dan Peter Pan!”

Wow, we absolutely love this shot! You are too cute in this costume, girl! And you look so incredible happy in that outfit.

“I love this time of year. It comes with tricks and treats and Peter is very good at both of these!”

We can’t wait to see you imitate hooks voice with your hat! Thumbs up for this great cosplay!

PuppetsFall Cosplay is a very talented girl whose costumes are really worth to see. So if you are interested in her work, visit DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and enjoy in the pictures of this sweet girl.

Photos were taken by Samuel Harper Photography and Alkaia Veritas Photography.


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